Do you ever wonder who you lent that book to six months ago or need a print out of all of the movies you own?  Have you ever been preaching or presenting a speech and suddenly realized that you had used that same joke two weeks ago?  Maybe you know you have this wonderful illustration but can't find it anywhere.  If so, maybe PRM+ is just the thing you need...

PRM+ is a personal resource management tool which allows you to manage and track your resources such as books, CD's, DVD's, Illustrations, Sermons/Speeches, Music, etc.  Especially useful for those who speak, do research, lend and/or simply use their resources on a regular basis.

Full Install - v4.00.a (12/26/2016)



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Note:  PRM+ has been widely used since 1984 but has been unsupported for a number of years.  Data & Stuff Inc. has acquired the rights to this program and has completely rewritten it.  Native MAC support is not currently an option but it does work using Virtual PC and may work with other emulation software.

Also, we have **no** rights to distribute nor the ability to resolve issues with the pre-3.0 versions.