Version 2.00.b(beta) - A Point-Of-Sale application for concession stands.  It is designed so sale operations can be performed completely by touch-screen, if desired. This is only for the Windows Operating System.   Just to give you a "heads-up"...Rather than just presenting a generic view, with all the buttons showing, you will see one possible configuration when you first open POSMatron.  Thought I should warn you since you might think there isn't much to it when it first launches.

I first wrote this in 2001 and used it for a number of years at a concession stand I helped with at a fall festival where I was living.  I decided to rewrite it for distribution after attending a few fairs/festivals in my area in recent times and seeing that such operations need a good and affordable solution for such activities. 

As with my other applications this is completely free.  One difference though is that I am adding an option for Donations.  If you find this useful and wish to contribute a small percentage of your revenue or some fixed amount it will be greatly appreciated but if you do not wish to Donate that is fine as well.  You will receive the same level of support either way.



Version History

v1.0 Initial Release - 9/1/2001

v2.00.b - 3/20/2022 - Fixes & Minor Changes

v2.00.a - 1/13/2017 - Rewrite

v1.0a - 9/01/2001 - Initial Use:



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